Lightning VR Delft

experience group VR like no other

step into the virtual world

You and your team step into a new reality and move freely around the virtual world.

Armed with VR glasses, a backpack
and a gun you step into a 200m2
virtual world and it is up to you
and your team to work together
to accomplish the mission.

our exclusive VR games:

Toon Strike

Welcome to Altesa, the happiest region in the country! At least, it used to be, up until our new neighbors came to visit… Are you ready to protect Altesa and restore order? Gather your friends, gather your family and come along!

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In 1987, a local clinic is found in a remote village, which has been taken over by Dr. Dracarev. His experiments towards super human evolution have failed and lead to a major zombie outbreak in the village.

Go back in time, be tactical, team up and defeat the hordes of zombies and the boss before it's too late!

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Overrun stage 2

Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? For the most favorite game, we have improved the entire gaming experience. This means new levels with additions that take the gameplay experience to the next level. Walking longer distances and traveling on the metro, with the zombies you're used to!

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Strike Team Delta: defenders of earth

Crawl into the skin of a brave marine, on a mission to save humanity from an alien invasion. Scour crash sites in search for crucial data needed to finally win this war.

The fate of the world lies in your hands!

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What can you expect at Lightning VR Delft?

- One large VR gaming area

- Watch in-game images

- The main game lasts 20 minutes

- Scoreboard per team

- VR mini games (included in the ticket price)

- Pool table (included in the ticket price)

- Board games (included in the ticket price)

- Arcade cabinets (based on coins)

- Cozy bar and lounge

Stuff to do around Lightning VR Delft

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