Since 2 February 2022 the following measures have been taken in all arcades.

1) Upon entering, the Host will inquire about the health of the guests.

2) QR-code with ID is mandatory and will be scanned and checked by to host. If (als by one person of the group) this turns red or someone can't or won't show it then a refund is possible. Please inform for a refund.

3) In addition to the fact that we have always clean the VR gear thoroughly after every session / group, we now also do this with our furniture / arcade games in the lobby and toilets.

4) There are disinfectant hand gels in several places in the lobby that guests can use.

Prepare for an awesome VR experience!

Your session starts at the booked time. The first half hour consists of warming up with our Single Player VR. But of course there is more! The second half hour is for our main game. During and after this hour you can get drinks & bites at our bar.

An example to clarify:

Booked time 13.00,

12.45 Arrival - Time to check in, store your belongings and have a nice drink.

13.00 Start Single Player VR - Here you play 1 by 1 on our single player stations to warm up. Ofcourse, take the time to enjoy a drink or snack.

13.30 Start Main Game - You've been able to practice for a while, get ready for the real deal! You and your team get to play the VRgame of your choice in the main VR-room.

14.00 Done....but there's still some time to discuss the scores and of course, while enjoying a well-deserved drink or snack!

For a VR session we charge a full hour from your booked time. Sessions always start on the full or half hour.

You play with us with a maximum of 5/6 players (depending on the location) at a time.

Amsterdam Noord: 5 players

Amsterdam West: 6 players

Utrecht Kartfabrique: 5 players

Huizen Coronel: 5 players

Delft: 5 players

If you want to reserve for more than 5/6 players you need several, continuous sessions.

If you book for less than the maximum amount of people in your slot, it is possible that other players participate in the same session. If you prefer to keep the session exclusive, select the "no random players" option when making your reservation.

Because of the safety rules and the necessary gear, the minimum age is set at 8 years.

You must be able to walk around during the entire game with a backpack on your back, VR glasses on your head and being able to use both hands. For this reason, our experience is (currently and unfortunately) not wheelchair friendly.

We do not recommend the game for pregnant women and people with severe heart condition or epilepsy. Do you have another condition and do you want to be sure that it does not cause any problems while playing? Then contact us via

Note: players under the clear influence of alcohol and / or drugs can be refused without the right to a refund.

If the frame is smaller than 142 mm wide and 50 mm high, then it fits in our VR glasses. At our locations there is the possibility to adjust whether your frame fits in our glasses. However: if possible, we recommend to wear contact lenses.

For sure! We have a special VR group arrangements for groups of more then 20 people.

Group arrangements with a minimum of 21 players are possible, in consultation, outside of our opening hours.

You can easily book up to 20 people on this website online yourself.

Via the button at the top right "book now" you can see the places still available and corresponding prices. After completing your booking you will receive an email with the confirmation and all the "need to know". Read this email carefully!

For group packages from 20 people you can submit a request via our group packages page request groups.

If the time of your preference is no longer visible, it may fall outside of our opening hours or the time slot has already been booked. The calendar online corresponds to the calendar of our locations. We hope you can find another suitable time to come and play!

We use dynamic pricing to determine ticket prices. By means of supply and demand, prices become cheaper or more expensive, the more popular timeslots are. As a basis, the weekends are more expensive than weekdays. There may also be deviations per location. In addition to the dynamic prices, this has to do with other activities, such as free mini-games, see the specific location pages for the offer per location.

During the booking, the different prices are made transparent, so that the prices are always displayed transparently to make a good choice.

In the confirmation of your booking you can click on the link to cancel the booking. No money is refunded, but based on the time of cancellation, a percentage of the purchase amount is converted into a voucher code. This code can be used to make a new online booking, but only for the same location.The percentages vary per location and are as follows:

Amsterdam Noord/West, Delft and Coronel

- more than 1 week in advance: voucher of 100%

- between 1 week and 96 hours: voucher of 75%

- less than 96 hours: no compensation

For groups

If payment after invoicing has been agreed, the reservation can also be cancelled, but there is no question of any form of reimbursement, either in cash or in a voucher code. As soon as the quotation has been approved, this quotation is binding at all times and this amount will be invoiced, regardless of whether the booking has been cancelled prematurely.

The full stamp card (4 stamps) can be exchanged for one ticket. You can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to Indicate for which location you want to book, date and time, plus of course which game, how many players and how many stamp cards you want to hand in. You can already view all available time slots via the "book now" button. Don't forget to bring the stamp card with you on matchday to hand it in on location.

After completing your booking we will send an automatic booking confirmation. Have you already checked the spam? All payment details are also stated in the booking confirmation.

If you have not received a confirmation, you can contact; state your name, location and playing date.

Our hardware and games are designed in such a way that it avoids dizziness and other unpleasant feelings that VR can cause in some cases. Untill now no one had had real problems caused by playing in de VR Arcade. However: if for some reason you are worried about it, or don't feel good, our personnel is trained to help you!

Walking into walls
If you approach an actual wall, the game gives you a clear warning. As long as you follow the game's instructions, you will not have to take of the VR-goggles during the game and you won't walk into a wall.

With the arrival of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) our privacy statement has been tightened up per 25 May 2018. In terms of content, nothing has changed for us, since we always (have) handle(d) your data carefully. We have, however, worked hard to give you sufficient insight into how we handle your personal data, in accordance with the GDPR.

What we do not do is ask (again) for permission to process your personal data. The VR Arcade only processes very limited personal data on the basis of your permission. We have already recorded this permission in the past. If you are a member you can change your preferences or permission in your account on our website. If you are not a member, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of our newsletters.

You can consult our new privacy statement on this website. If you still have questions after reading this, please contact us.

We have lockers where you can store your belongings. These lockers have a size of L: 15.7 inch x W: 9.8 inch x D: 16.9 inch.


We only use your data to get in touch with you. Check our privacy policy for more information.
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