Celebrate an Unforgettable VR Kids Party

The outing for young adventurers who really want to experience something exciting.


The virtual reality outing that children will be talking about for a long time.

Your child, of course, wants to organize a spectacular party for their friends. With a VR kids party at Lightning VR in Amsterdam or Delft, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience that will stay with them for a long time.

With a choice of 4 exciting and unique games, there is a cool adventure for every group of children. Using the latest VR technology on a 200m2 playfield, they have the space to be the hero in their adventure. Teamwork, discovery, and movement; this experience has it all. Your child and their friends are welcome for a virtual reality experience from 8 years old and with a group of at least 6 people.

Ideal VR Games for a Kids Party



Recommended age: 10+

Will you save the Earth from the zombies?

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Toon Strike

Recommended age: 8+

Team up with your friends to fight against the monsters.

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Lightning VR: Close Combat

Recommended age: 10+

Compete against each other in teams in this exciting VR shooter. Unite in Battle, Celebrate in Victory.

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Strike Team Delta: Defenders of Earth

Recommended age: 10+

Save the Earth from the alien invasion with your friends.

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Overrun stage 2

Recommended age: 10+

Het vervolg van onze spannende zombie shooter Overrun.

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A Delicious Drink and Snack Complete Your VR Experience

Get ready for a complete children's party! We provide the necessary drinks and snacks. The children can recharge before starting the mini-games or playing their second VR game. Send an email with your additional requests to, and we will ensure your party is perfectly organized.


  • 2 liters of lemonade (only available for groups of 6 children or more)


  • Snacks
  • Toasted sandwiches
  • Unlimited drink package for 1 hour: €7.50 per child per hour for unlimited soft drinks. Time is paused during play sessions, so you can enjoy the drinks for a full hour.

What others think of our VR experiences


"Verjaardag gevierd voor een 13-jarige. Het was een groot succes. Eerst vermaak je je met ‘ouderwetse’ games: pooltafel, flipperkast en meer. Daarna het echte werk. De jeugd heeft zich vermaakt en toekijken was ook leuk. Je ziet de game op het scherm en daarnaast heb je uitzicht op de ruimte waar je de spelers in het echt ziet rondlopen. De aardige behulpzame hosts van Lightning VR mogen zeker niet onvermeld blijven. Topmiddag, we komen zeker een keertje terug."

Kitty Willems

"We hebben een hele leuke verjaardag van onze zoon (11 jaar) gehad. De leiding was heel gastvrij en de games supergaaf! Wat een ervaring!"

Bart Verweijen

"Een kinderfeestje gedaan, echt een aanrader voor een groepje jongens van 12/13 jaar. Onze zoon heeft een groeiachterstand en alles werd ingesteld voor hem zonder dat hij zelf heeft gemerkt dat het voor hem anders was, echt top!"

Lianne Kluft
1300+ reviews

VR Party Standard


  • Amsterdam: €18.95 per child
  • Delft: €14.95 per child


  • Monday to Thursday (during opening hours): all day
  • Friday: from 12:00 to 18:00
  • Saturday and Sunday: from 12:00 to 14:00
  • Group:

    • Minimum 2 children. From 6 people onwards, you will receive free lemonade.


    • 2 liters of lemonade
    • 1 Lightning VR game

    FAQ - VR Kids Parties

    This is the way to let your child enjoy a VR adventure with their friends and family during a birthday or other celebration.

    Children can play VR with breaks without adverse effects. We have written a blog about this based on scientific research. Read the blog here.

    The entire VR experience lasts 1 hour with one game, including mini-games and instructions. With a second game, the experience lasts 2 hours.

    We use the industry-standard HTC Vive Pro 3. This headset offers the best graphic results and has light and smart lenses, making it less likely for children to get tired from wearing it.

    Yes, during the VR kids party, two hosts are present to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    You play at our locations in Amsterdam or Delft.
    Amsterdam location: Asterweg 19E1, 1031 HL Amsterdam
    Delft location: Rijksstraatweg 43 A, 2645 BT Delfgauw

    We allow a maximum of 6 people per group in the free roam arcade area. For larger groups, you will need to split the group.

    Yes, you can consult our FAQ or contact our helpdesk for further questions.

    No, we have everything in-house. It might be fun to take some photos during the kids party.

    It is important to know if any children with epilepsy are joining, as they may react to the flickering of the games. This responsibility lies with the parent/guardian.

    This rarely happens because children naturally move around the space. Should this happen, we check the calibration of the VR headset. If this does not help, the child may not tolerate VR well. We give this child extra tokens for our non-VR games.

    Our games are designed so that the chances of children bumping into each other are very small. They can see each other in-game and every real pillar in the space is also included in the game. We always advise children to respect walls in the game.

    Children from 8 years old are welcome. Children between 8 and 10 years old can only play the game Toonstrike. Our other titles are a bit more thrilling and we recommend them for children aged 10+.

    After each play session, the VR headsets are disinfected, ensuring your child gets a clean headset.

    Our headsets fit over a normal pair of glasses, so you can play with clear vision.

    Toonstrike (from 8 years old): Defend the Earth against funny monsters with your friends.
    Overrun 1 + 2 (from 10 years old): Defend the Earth against zombies with your friends.
    Strike Team Delta (from 10 years old): Save the Earth from an alien invasion.

    The best way is to fill out the contact form via: Contact

    Book directly via: Book Tickets

    We recommend booking 6 - 8 weeks in advance. You can see which time slots are still available through our booking portal.

    If an error occurs, we try to fix it as soon as possible. If we cannot fix it quickly enough, we offer an appropriate solution, such as a refund.

    Parents can stay, watch, and even join in.

    No, there are not. We recommend bringing your own food for children with food allergies.

    Yes, this is allowed to make the VR kids party even more fun.

    We have toasties, bitterballen, chips, and candy bars. We can also arrange pizzas or other food if we know in advance, through our catering partners in Amsterdam and Delft.

    We already offer a 50% discount for children, plus an additional 20% discount on a second game. For groups of 30+ children, we recommend requesting a quote for a tailored experience.

    € 18.95 per child, per game. For a second game, you receive a 20% discount.

    We make a clear distinction by making Toonstrike only available for children under 10 years old. We always recommend watching the trailer and reading the game information, as some children may be more sensitive than others.

    We can give a non-binding demo to alleviate fear. If this does not work, we will proceed with one person less. A child does not have to do anything they do not want to do, and the rest of the group will still have an unforgettable experience.