Dear visitors,

Unfortunately we are closed till February, 2022. As soon as we are allowed to reopen, we will announce this via the website as soon as possible.

Who has booked in the next four weeks will be actively approached by us. We understand that this situation can raise questions. These can be emailed to We will respond by telephone or email as soon as possible, but we hope for understanding in the event of any delay in view of the situation.

Hopefully we can receive you again soon in good health!


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VR Delft kids party!

Is it your birthday soon and do you want to celebrate your birthday in a unique and special way? Book a VR cube quickly with your friends and celebrate your birthday at Lightning VR Delft. If it is not your birthday yet, you can of course also come and play.

Step into the world of Virtual Reality and experience the adventures you can only dream of. We can choose from different VR games.

From what age?

The Virtual Reality party for the children is from 7 years old.

Children can also play the main games. These main games can be booked separately. Click here for more information or email us with your questions. This can be sent to

Lightning VR invitation

Download your Lightning VR children's party invitation here and print it out.

What can you expect?

  • Unforgettable VR Birthday Party
  • From small to large groups
  • Unlimited VR mini games
  • Everyone receives a certificate afterwards
  • Chips and popcorn, plus unlimited lemonade
  • From € 12 per child

What is the party like?

What exactly can you expect?

At Lightning VR we put the birthday boy in the spotlight and ensure an unforgettable day!

The VR Birthday table is ready for you half an hour before playtime starts. You can also bring your own birthday cake (Please note! Bring your own disposable tableware). We provide popcorn or chips and unlimited lemonade syrup.

After a short explanation of how everything works, we step into the virtual world. You take turns getting the glasses on to experience everything you want. From racing to shooting, from rollercoaster to the sea, everything is possible!

During the party you can simply drink and snack nice lemonade. At the end of the party, you will all receive your own official Lightning VR certificate.

You can also use our other facilities during your visit with us. For example, we have table football, table tennis and various slot machines *.

(* paid service)

Program and prices

Cubes can be rented from “Thursday to Sunday - 12:00 to 22:00“

Per cube = maximum 5 children, parents free (maximum 2 adults present)

There is a choice of 2 programs:

- 60 minutes playing time (1 cube = € 62.50 - 2 cubes = € 120)

- 90 minutes of playing time (1 cube = € 90 - 2 cubes = € 170)

Example program = 60 minutes playing time

12.00 - Walk-in

12.15 - VR game briefing (drinks, snacks)

12.30 - Start VR gaming (60 minutes)

13.30 - End of VR gaming, VR certificate, table available (cake, gifts, food)

14.00 - End of VR party

Total time duration - 2 hours

Example program = 90 minutes playing time

12.00 - Walk-in

12.15 - VR game briefing (drinks, snacks)

12.30 - Start VR gaming (90 minutes)

14.00 - End of VR gaming, VR certificate, table available (cake, gifts, food)

14.30 - End of VR party

Total time - 2.5 hours

do your kids have what it takes?

Send an email to with your specific wishes and together we will make it a fantastic party!