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Unfortunately we are closed till February, 2022. As soon as we are allowed to reopen, we will announce this via the website as soon as possible.

Who has booked in the next four weeks will be actively approached by us. We understand that this situation can raise questions. These can be emailed to We will respond by telephone or email as soon as possible, but we hope for understanding in the event of any delay in view of the situation.

Hopefully we can receive you again soon in good health!


Team VR Arcade

the future of VR-gaming

discover new worlds

Armed with VR glasses, a backpack and a gun you step into a 200m2 virtual world and it is up to you and your team to work together to accomplish the mission and save the world.

what to expect?

An informed player, is a confident player.


2-6 players per session


60 minutes (30 - main game)


VR minigames and drinks while you wait


minimum age 8

choose your game

Armed with a backpack, VR glasses and a gun it's up to you and your team to save the day

In the Overrun game you have to work together and defeat hordes of zombies rushing at you. And with Overrun stage 2 the story continues and you might discover the secret behind the zombie invasion! Then with Strike Team Delta:Defenders of Earth you and your team fighting off an alien invasion from another dimension. With The Heist you need to guess, survive and save lives in our newest generation of escape room game. And with Overrun stage 2 the story continues and you might discover the secret behind the zombie invasion!

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Lightning VR in the Netherlands

Experience the ultimate VR sensation! Choose one of our Lightning VR locations in the Netherlands.

Our exclusive VR games are developed in house and optimised for the specific (physical) space in which they are played. This way of playing brings you and your friends the best possible VR experience of this moment!


free movement


unique game offer


the best VR gear

Absolutely AMAZING !! Came all the way from the UK to play and it was worth every cent.

Sandip Singh Bhath

Amazing experience, lots of fun and great support! We will be back!

Danny Cabezas Cobos

One word... Awesome!

Oliver Thomsen

beste 25 minuten van mijn leven

Diane Roozendaal

Best VR experience EVER ! AWESOME !

Julien Malara

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