Available at Amsterdam and Delft


This game is an immersive adventure shooter in which you and your team travel through different virtual locations on the hunt for hordes of zombies. Overrun is a mix of action and adventure! You will not lack the necessary moments of shock here.

This is the perfect entry-level game for the beginner VR player. The game adapts automatically in terms of difficulty to the level of the players. Once you get the hang of it, more zombies will follow!

The recommended age for this game is 10+

The Doctor

The year is 1987, Dr. Dracarev has been secretly developing a super human for some time. For his experiments he took over a local clinic.

Together with the other players you form an elite team and you respond to reports from the local police. You are looking for the cause of these strange reports.

The story of Overrun takes place in the remote village where this infamous clinic is located.

The first three levels - Dormatory, Hospital Attic and Hospital - take place in the clinic itself

Then you imagine yourself in Mine Entrance and Ghost Town Market in the mysterious village. The doctor's experiments have escaped and you are fighting this outbreak. Here you will also encounter a new zombie with supernatural speed!

After the fight in the village, you will discover the doctor's house, in a remote, deserted part of the village. These levels are Manor Garden, Manor Hallway, Manor Swamp and The Chambers. In the outdoor environments, the house is also clearly visible. Here we also see the other variants that the doctor was working on; supernaturally strong and large figures emerge along with the other variants.

In the last level you will end up in the basement of the house where a gigantic underground laboratory can be found. A huge beast has emerged from the combination and mutation of all zombies. Can you beat this monster in time?


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