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Lightning VR was one of the first free roaming VR experiences in Europe. By believing in our own strength and continuously innovating in the field of VR, we continue to grow. It is therefore an honor to be seen as a leader in the field of virtual reality. We are always looking for new opportunities. Franchisees can expect high quality and professionalism from our total product.

exclusive content

Our exclusive VR games are developed in house and optimized for the specific (physical) space in which they are played. Currently there are five different games to play at Lightning VR. In the future we will continue to work on the optimization of the current games. We also develop new games so that everyone can experience the ultimate VR experience.

Lightning VR strives to reach different target groups through the varying range. The aim here is to serve as many target groups as possible, just like cinemas.

The latest up-to-date overview of the VR games can be found on the games page of Lightning VR.

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'backpack-less' system, streaming VR to headsets


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