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Unfortunately we are closed till February, 2022. As soon as we are allowed to reopen, we will announce this via the website as soon as possible.

Who has booked in the next four weeks will be actively approached by us. We understand that this situation can raise questions. These can be emailed to We will respond by telephone or email as soon as possible, but we hope for understanding in the event of any delay in view of the situation.

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Team VR Arcade

New location: VR Arcade Westerunie

Westerunie launches brand-new Virtual Reality Arcade on September 1st.

Westerunie launches brand-new Virtual Reality Arcade on September 1st.

Amsterdam, 21st of August 2020

On Tuesday September 1st, the Amsterdam nightclub Westerunie will open the doors to VR Arcade Westerunie in a collaboration with VR Arcade B.V on the famous Westergas-terrein in Amsterdam. With the opening of VR Arcade Westerunie VR Arcade B.V., known for her world-class VR experiences, will have launched her fifth Arcade in three years’ time.

The available space in the Westerunie is ideally suited for large scale, group VR experiences. Being part of a group of six players in this large, open space is something unique in the Netherlands and makes for a fantastic, Corona-proof outing with friends, colleagues, or family.

Just like real special forces, applying teamwork and planning your moves and actions while keeping a cool head will be of virtual importance.

In VR Arcade Westerunie you will have a choice between Overrun and Strike Team Delta for your experience. In Overrun you will have to survive while hordes of zombies throw themselves at you and in Strike Team Delta your mission is to save the earth from an alien invasion. Of course your team and individual performances will be measured in high scores and national leaderboards.Prizes will be awarded regularly among those who score the highest.

Thanks to the restaurant at the Westergasterras and a large viewing balcony at the Westerunie, larger groups and company trips/outings up to eighty people are more than welcome.

Obviously the Westerunie will remain a club and event location. As soon as it is possible again to host large gatherings, these events will resume. Owner Jelle Nijhuis says: “Of course Corona forced us to look at alternative uses for our club. Because the Virtual Reality world takes place inside a VR-headset, the Westerunie will, apart from installing a lot of infrastructure, barely need to change and we will keep our ability to host club parties and events when both our situation and government allow it, but we don’t need to choose between VR and our other activities. Several of my colleagues and I have been playing the VR Arcade experiences over the past months and they are really fun to do with your family and friends!”

Sander Bos of VR Arcade B.V. states; “We are seeing our popularity at our own location in Amsterdam Noord rising per week and are literally running out of capacity. This new Westerunie VR Arcade, on the beautiful Westergas-terrein means that VR Arcade will be even more accessible for residents of Amsterdam. This collaboration really shows the potential for other clubs in other big cities. Our system offers perhaps a temporary solution during the Corona outbreak but now we can also show our capability to be installed into a venue without impacting the existing activities. Not only that, but we’ve experiences many awesome parties at the Westerunie and are incredibly excited to give people mind-blowing experiences in these bizarre times.”

VR Arcade Westerunie is opened seven days per week starting on September 1st, opening hours are 14:00 to 22:00. A half-hour experience costs 29,99 per person.

Reservations can be made through